The House of Xul Solar

Sounds like a scary movie
Argentina has a writer: Jorge Borges
Borges had a BFF: Xul Solar
Xul Had a hobby:  Being the Nosstradamus of Buenos Aires
I went to his house today
Crazy house with twenty different floors
Typical Painting, sometimes more astrological signs, thats a pyramid with a laser shooting out of his head

"I am a world champion of a game that nobody yet knows called panchess (Panajedrez). I am master of a script that nobody yet reads. I am creator of a technique, of a musical grafía that allows the piano to be studied in a third of the usual time that it takes today. I am director of a theatre that as yet has not begun working. I am creator of a universal language called panlingua based on numbers and astrology that will help people know each other better. I am creator of twelve painting techniques, some of them surrealist, and others that transpose a sensory, emotional world on to canvas, and that will produce in those that listen a Chopin suite, a Wagnerian prelude, or a stanza sung by Beniamino Gigli. I am the creator, and this is what most interests me at the moment, apart from the exhibition of painting that I am preparing, of a language that is desperately needed by Latin America.”
Xul Solar 1887-1963

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Harshil Patel said...

That is one crazy mofo.

Also, I'll make some BloodTiger posters if you're still interested