DIY skatepark

So the upside of urban decay is.....

Memphis' homepark is sweet but it's a bust as soon as anyone sees you. It shows what is possible and is fun to skate.

There are so many lots like this in Memphis though. This particular one is located on top of a bluff so its hard to see the top from the street below. There are places like this in Chicago where a construction of this nature is feasible. People seem to be more uptight about land use here though due to high levels of political garbage....

happy halloween

I was what I am
Blood Tiger

Sunday Someday

Tons of flags at a football stadium. SOOOOOO predictable...

False advertising
The beach is closed, aka another reminder that summer is a small town on a very fast highway
Then in the distance I saw a clearly insane person

I tried to give him a "thanks for the picture" thumbs up but he was really engrossed in a conversation with himself. I checked, the website is real.
Empty auditorium
Haunted house in the daylight: not so scary

All pictures taken from the seat of the bike of the week

world famous

they said boo hoo on the series premiere of cougar town

Golden Mighty

my nights:My Camera's nights:

And now...
A tribute to my camera as illustrated by two photos from last night and one this morning.

There once was a boy born without a brain
and everything that came,
went out just the same.
So on the eve of a departure,
he at last grabbed an eye
that would catch all the things
that went fluttering by,
then got on another train.

Through sand, sea, and boulder, They travelled well snug
Taking scissors to patterns and art in each club.
Taking to strangers and toasting foreign leaders
our closest were distant, the liars believed us.
But in the morning,

The sun would turn black into gray into blue
The boy would wake slowly and haven't a clue
What transpired last night, whose bed he was in,
The shouts for more angels,
the shouts for more sin.
But within his bag lied the story unfolded
By the people who were and the reason we smolder.


killer paint job while getting a killer spray job

screaming blue guy on damen or something
Its been raining alot lately but I couldn't pass up this picture. I guesss its just shading but the colors and shapes are really great. Oh I just noticed the other guy. Graffitti vice squads suck. Weekend yea!

Swine Flu is Everywhereingthings

I've been finding places weirdly deserted lately,
Like my train this morning
and the north side of street when I got home....

I want more facial piercings

in my face
and winter is coming
can't stop a glacier

MCA y'all

wasn't he the beastie boy?
anyways regardless of any connotations, free tuesdays at the mca rule,
they even have lots of paper and crayons to draw with

insane car wreck

I love my street. This car ramped off of the crooked tire you see in the foreground only to come to rest on my neighbors volvo. Volvo unscathed....

Life Projected

One and only drawback of having a projector:
Too much screen time
Must escape or risk becoming familiar with television I have previously shunned.
Save me from Lost!

the city isl

trying to intimidate me.

As I was leaving for a cruise with this gold beauty I heard a funny noise a rat a tat tatting at my window.
Hail! In October. Chi-town is def trying to mess with my steez but I will not let it. Go forward into the cold and repeat to myself the mantra that has gotten me this far:
I live here.
I live here.
I live here.
I live here.
I live here.
I live here.
I live here.
I live here.
I live here.
I live here.
I live here.

Not all eggs end in little chickens

200th post woo!

Memphis as a News Show

This was a picture of guys that were going to be on TV. Then a picture of those same guys on a tv...
I went to mall and it was dead. They used to have a movie theatre here that was my sole soul refuge from the hot and depressing Memphis climate. Will this town die? It might be dead already.

Memphis Goes Down!

So I went back to Memphis this weekend.

Goodbye roommate and Chicago.

End of the first song of the summer

I mean month.
Hall and Oates is playing, I worked this morning in a tie
Can't get enough.
Looking back if I changed anything I would change the name of everything I know so I could understand what everyone is talking about.

What did you just say???

I finished Even Cowgirls Get the Blues today. In the last twenty pages or so there was this line between a flasher japanese mountain man living in the great west just outside of an all girl cowgirl ranch and the whip toting peyote taking leader of the Cowgirls at the Rubber Rose, Delores Del Ray

"So you're the great boohoo, eh?
"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. No big deal either way."
"Aren't all boohoos misquoted?"
"Misquoted, distorted, and diluted."
She leaned over him and slapped a kiss on his chops. First time she'd kissed a man in a snake's age.

Hall and Oates plays on. Summer is cold and all too short.

I want to blog

blog blog blog
but cannot
I saw her last night,
I got nervous and scared,
this is the best realtionship I have had in awhile
now I just need to learn her name


I blame it on summer

I haven't been blogging much.  We haven't had the nets at our place and its summer time!
Concerts in the park!
Cleavage cleavage cleavage

Side note,
ghosts don't wear sheets in the summer
we go raw.



sweet street art in Pilsen right to left
that lady's face entranced me for a good five minutes